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No Partner to Tell You if You're Snoring Less? No Problem!

Whether you want a second opinion or curious how effective goodnite™ really, goodnite™ tracks your sleep data and is free to download.

  • Determine how effective goodnite™ is for you
  • Easily compare your average % of snoring with and without the use of goodnite™
  • Sleeping data is recorded within the pillow and synchronized to goodnite™ via Bluetooth


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  • Allows you to adjust sensitivity of the pillow. Default is strong, if you feel pillow is too sensitive, you can reduce it.
  • Option to select ‘single time connect’ or ‘Remember’ so goodnite™ will remember your device and automatically connect.
  • Version 2.7.0. also provides background synchronization, faster firmware updates, improved user interface and additional settings to adjust the sensitivity to snoring detection.


Recording Data:
  • Make sure goodnite™ is set to active in the profile tab and set your recording time.
  • You may close your phone and even turn it off, goodnite™ records the data and synchronizes it to the app.
  • The next morning, turn on app and connect it with goodnite™ via Bluetooth. Last night’s sleep data will synchronize from the pillow to the app in about 1-2 min.


Getting Started:
  • Download Nitelink2 and make sure Bluetooth is on in your phones settings
  • Turn on Bluetooth and power button on control unit
  • Press ‘Touch to connect’ to connect goodnite™ to Nitelink2
  • If needed, profile tab will instruct you to perform a firmware update. Follow instructions in app to begin update. This will take about 5-10 min.
  • If a screen displaying firmware update in progress does not appear after 5min, Bluetooth connection may have been lost. Please connect goodnite™ to app and try again.
  • After firmware is installed, a message will appear instructing you to wait for 1-2 min until flashing on control unit stops. Once flashing stops, turn power off and back on.
  • Press ‘Touch to connect’ to once again connect Nitelink2 to goodnite™. If updated successfully, profile tab will display updated firmware version


How do I know what level of sensitivity to choose?

The current default sensitivity mode is the highest. If the snoring detection is set to very sensitive, the APP will show more snoring during the night. If the snoring detection is set to low sensitivity, the snoring is less.

Does the application or the pillow record my sleeping data?

Data is recorded within the pillow and then synched to Nitelink2 via Bluetooth.

How is data synchronized to the app?

Turn on the app and connect it with goodnite™ via Bluetooth, if it is not already connected. Last night’s sleep data will be synchronized from the pillow to the app.
This will normally take 1-2 minutes.

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