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We pledge to respect your privacy, to be transparent about our data practices, to keep your data safe, to never sell your personal data, to let you decide how your information is shared, and to only collect data that helps us improve our products and services.

Nitetronic designs products and tools that improves your sleep quality. This Privacy Policy applies to our anti-snore products and body monitoring products (“Devices”), our websites located at,,,, and (individually a “Site” and collectively “Sites”), the Nitetronic software ( “Software”) and Nitetronic applications (the “Apps”). The Devices, Sites, Software and Apps are collectively referred to in this Policy as the “Nitetronic Support” and by proceeding to use the Nitetronic Support you consent that we may process the data that we collect from you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Because we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help you improve your sleep quality, this policy may change over time, but any future changes will not affect data that was collected under a previous version of this policy. If any modifications substantially change your rights, we will send an email summarizing the changes to the address associated with your Nitetronic account and provide notice on the Site.

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