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2/3 of all partnered adults say their partner snores...

...goodnite™ puts snoring to bed, so both you and your partner can restore your sleep. Increasing Sleep Quality is the main objective of Nitetronic. Since 2012 we have helped users in Europe restore their sleep and their partners. Our revolutionary anti-snore pillow, goodnite™ is now available in Canada and the U.S.

When snoring is detected, goodnite™ turns the head automatically, quietly and gently to the side. Through this movement it increases the distance between the tongue and the throat. It also straightens the soft tissues in the throat. Clinical studies demonstrate a snoring reduction of 67% on average is attained from the use of goodnite™.


Who Snores?

2/3 of all partnered adults say their partner snores


Loosing Sleep?

43% of adults ages 35-44 (Gen X) lose sleep due to a partner snoring


Separate Beds?

24% of Gen X either sleep in separate bedrooms or are considering it


Reduce Snoring

goodnite™ delivers a snoring reduction of 67% on average

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Why the goodnite™ anti-snore pillow is different?

NO Prescription

goodnite™ is available without the annoyance of a prescription

NO Side-Effects

No side-effects are known, just improved and longer sleep with goodnite™

Silent Operation

Air chambers inside the pillow inflate slowly and quietly to turn the head

Smart Connection

Monitor the quality and effectiveness of goodnite™ with your smartphone